T3 Fat Burners

T3 Fat Burners


Cerberus Laboratories

Liothyronine Sodium (T3) 

Each Box Contains: 100 x 25mcg Tablets

T3 is an effective fat burner and a favourite of many professional bodybuilders and physique athletes. T3 makes the body performance in dealing with food intake more efficient, better digestion a higher metabolism and in turn greater fat burning. For even more dramatic fat burning T3 should be used with Clenbuterol. 


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T3 Fat Burner


T3, is most frequently used in the professional bodybuilding as a fat loss agent. It is extremely effective in this respect, perhaps the most effective fat burner of all. However, T3 is non-discriminatory when it comes to calorie burning and will pull calories from wherever necessary in order to meet the body’s increased energy demands, including muscle tissue. It is therefore ESSENTIAL THAT A STEROID BASE IS MAINTAINED WHEN USING T3 to retain muscle.


T3 when used correctly can be a great addition to any diet and cardio plan.

How to use T3 to be the most effective fat burner

T3 can and is used in a variety of ways when it comes to dosage and length of cycle: 

1.     Go straight in at a high dosage and then taper down toward the end of the T3 cycle. This tends to lead to massive lose of weight in a short period of time, but tends to also lead to huge muscle loss.

2.     Maintain the same dosage.

3.     Taper Up. Which is our suggestion for the most effective way to use T3.


Dosages (Men) and Duration

We would suggest, as a rule, to start at 25mcg/day. The most common time or duration on T3 cycle is 3 weeks, however, if it's a lot of weight to shift then you might want to increase to a 4, 5 or even 6 weeks. Don’t go over 6 weeks, T3 tends to stop working in most people after that amount of time.  

Cycle Example: 

Days 1-3.................. 25mcg/day
Days 4-6...................50mcg/day
Days 7-9...................75mcg/day
Days 10-12................100mcg/day
Days 13-15................75mcg/day
Days 16-18................50mcg/day
Days 19-21................25mcg/day

The dosage is increased by 25mcg/day every 4th day until the maximum dosage is reached for the subject, in this case 100mcg/day, then lowered the by the same 25mcg/day increments every 4th day until the end of the cycle.


If you remember to supplement your diet with plenty of protein (which every lifter should anyhow), eat a clean calorie controlled diet, drink 1-2 gallons of water per day and to take a mild steroid cycle to minimize muscle loss you should be able to see rapid fat loss with this cycle.

T3/Clenbuterol Cycle

This has to be the most common used cutting combo in today’s bodybuilding circuits for fat loss. When used on their own T3 or Clenbuterol are extremely effective fat burners, but used together they take it to whole different level.


In terms of dosages we would suggest the following:


T3 – as above (women should not go above 50mcg per day).

Clenbuterol dosing is a very individual thing, some cycles recommend 160mcg/day at the maximum dosage some 80mcg/day but the 1 thing most agree on is to start low and ease your dosage upwards as you feel comfortable with it the 1st time you use it. With subsequent cycles you can start at your maximum tolerable dose or slightly lower and then increase the dosage over a few days until you reach your maximum again


Using Clenbuterol will increase your body temp and can cause a little “shaking” at the start especially. The most common side effects are shaking, jitteriness, anxiety and raising of body temperature. When those sides get to be too much cut back to the last tolerable dose.


A popular Clenbuterol cycle is 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. For men I would suggest starting at 20mcg/day and going up to 100-120mcg/day or whatever you can tolerate, stay there until day 14 then end the cycle, women should try half that max dose but if you can tolerate more and want to use it then go for it this is definitely a trial and error process. Take 2 weeks off and then repeat if desired, again starting at or near your maximum dose that you figured out with the 1st cycle.

When stacking with T3 the question becomes what do you do on the 2 weeks your off Clen but still are on T3?

That’s really an individual decision for you to make, however, we would suggest that you just take the T3 whilst off the Clenbuterol over that 2 week period. Theoretically, you’ll be at your mid to max dosage of T3 by then so you’ll still be burning fat just fine. Then after the 4 weeks of T3 you’ll be done with both the T3 and the Clen.


You must try to protect yourself against rebound weight gain while waiting for your natural thyroid levels to return to normal. If you have more fat to lose you can cycle off T3 for 2 weeks, as pointed out earlier and then repeat the cycle again. When to use Clenbuterol again will depend on when you used it last, remember 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.


T3 in Bulking Cycles ?????

is a product mainly used and known for raising one’s metabolism and burning fat, and possibly muscle tissue, when used at higher dosages, but at lower dosages (12.5-25mcg/day for men, ½ that for women) it causes a faster conversion of carbohydrates, protein, s, and fats. It’s the increased conversion and absorption of nutrients that increases the results of your bulking cycle when you use it with a bulking cycle.

When you run a bulking cycle you do so in conjunction with a higher protein/higher calorie intake in order to grow muscle, so there are plenty of nutrients to be converted, thus the bulking cycle gets a “push” and provide better results.

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