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Melanotan II is a tanning peptide, that will ensure that perfect "All Over" tan. It works by increasing the body's Melanin production, reducing UV damage to the skin by darkening or tanning. An extremely brilliant product and essential for those who want that all year round tan without excessive use of sunbeds. Many men also report a significant increase in the size and performance of erections.

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Melanotan II (MT-II) is an analog of the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH) which is produced within the pituitary gland.  

It is responsible for various internal human functions including skin and hair pigmentation, appetite, libido and physical sexual arousal. These effects have been observed in both sexes. 

The main function of Melanotan II is the tanning function.  

Prompted by ultraviolet (UV) exposure, α-MSH release consequently stimulates production of melanin from the melanocytes within the skin. Melanin, is responsible for the tanning of the skin. Simply put, more α-MSH means more melanin, resulting in greater skin pigmentation.


Melanotan II has been shown in the clinical setting to increase pigmentation without exposure to UV, however, the process of tanning is greatly expedited by UV exposure. It is worth noting that tanning effects may not be uniform throughout the skin. This is in part due to the half life and distribution of the drug itself, but primarily in response to the concentration of melanocytes within certain areas of the skin. Most will notice the greatest tanning effect on the face, arms, abdominal region. Interestingly, the genitals have one of the highest concentrations of melanocytes enabling these particular areas to respond very well to the peptide in conjunction with UV exposure.


Suggested Cycles/Uses

Start with a dose of 0.25mg. If side effects (primarily nausea) are not proving troublesome, attempt to increase daily dosage by 0.25mg where possible, until you reach 1-1.5mg daily. Most have found that this level will yield a very pleasing result. Once the desired level of tanning is reached, a maintenance phase is used, usually of two injections per week.


Side effects

Melanotan II can have some side effects, the most common, especially when first used are:

  • Nausea
  • Facial Flushing (face feeling hot and going a little red)
  • Fatigue

As is the case with any product use, the user is ideally looking to minimise unwanted side effects, whilst still achieving an acceptable outcome. With this in mind, we suggest that a small trial dosage is administered prior to going to bed and then tapering up of dosages, slightly, over a period of a week – 2 weeks until you reach the desired dosage.

This way you can assess personal tolerance to the side effects.

MT II can be used for extended periods, whereby there is an initial daily administration of perhaps 2-3 weeks or until desired level of pigmentation has been achieved, followed by a maintenance phase of two injections per week.

Some may wish to increase yet further, perhaps as high as 5mg daily in order to achieve a very deep tan. A maintenance phase as described above is then used.

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