Important Message to All Website Users and Customers:

Please note that the use of email services such as Gmail and Hotmail tend to cause any reply from us to be sent to your spam / Junk mail. Please check your spam folder to see if this has been the case. Usually once you provide our emails permission, they will be delivered to your inbox as per normal, but it is always safest to just do a quick check.

All of our customers and website users are extremely important to us and we take great pride in the level and quality of our service and products. In addition to the quality of products we provide it is also our mission to try really hard to keep all of our customers happy, whether they are new customers or returning ones. To help us in this, we please ask you to read all the following information, before proceeding with your order.

We want to make this experience easy and pain free on both sides, life is not meant to be stressful.


Please, please, please place all orders through the website, using the shopping cart and checkout, we cannot take orders through email.

The website utilises the very latest in stock records and re-ordering system, however, items will from time to time sell out, If an item is sold out, it will be likely that we are waiting for a delivery. We would advise you to please check the site every few days for the item to be added back into the available stock and add it to your wish-list items.

Payments and Order Status

Payment emails/invoices and notifications will automatically be sent to you upon the submission of your order. Please note that the use of email services such as Gmail tend to cause any reply from us to be sent to your spam folder, so please check your spam folder to see if this has been the case.

When ordering please DO NOT use services such as MSN or Hushmail, as they tend not be delivered to us.

Order Status

Once you have placed an order with us, through the checkout, you will receive periodical emails from us, as notification and record of the status of your order. These status updates are very simple and are completed in four stages, as follows:

Order Confirmation

Order has been received and acknowledged. The invoice has been sent and we are waiting for payment.

Awaiting Payment

You will receive an email with instructions on how to make your payment, according to the method you chose at the time of ordering.

Payment Accepted

Payment has been received and has now cleared. Goods are ready for packing and despatch.

Order Shipped

Your order has been despatched.


For long term and regular customers, this note doesn’t really apply has you know how we work and you know how flexible we are.

When you have placed an order and received your invoice and payment details, you have 48 HOURS to make your payment to us. If you do not make a payment within 48 hours we will message you to remind you of the outstanding payment. If at such time, there is a reason why, you are unable to make the payment then please message us to tell us. We are not here to force you to place orders, or to make a payment but:

We do have a number of people who place orders and despite numerous attempts to contact them to discuss the situation appear to be nothing but timewasters. If you place an order and do not make the payment or contact us to tell us why, your details and IP Address will be barred from the site.

This may sound harsh, but as any customer who has contacted us will know, we dedicate a lot of time to each and every question and customer to make sure they are happy with our service and products, all we ask is that you contact us in the event that you do not want to go through with the order.

If you’re not a timewaster (which most people aren’t) you will understand why we do this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Question:I placed an order, but I forgot to add an item - can I add it to my cart?

Yes, if you have placed an order but haven’t made the payment then you can add further items to your order. A new invoice will be despatched that will include the additional items you require.

We are sorry, but we DO NOT take returns and there are no refunds!


Please be assured that we take a great deal of time and effort on each order, big or small, to make sure that everything is really well protected, packaged and secured to ensure there is very little chance of any damage to any item whilst in transit to you. Every order is boxed, sealed and then discretely packaged for your discretion.

All orders are posted on either a Thursday or Friday if your payment has cleared.

Please make sure that all of your information and address is correct. We cannot be held responsible if you provide an incorrect address. Please make sure there aren’t any spelling mistakes that could affect the ability of the postman or courier delivering to the correct address. It is best to check and check again, once your order is confirmed you CANNOT change or request for it to be shipped to a different address.

Delivery Times

All UK orders, once posted, should arrive at your door the following working day, normally before 1pm. We do not provide tracking numbers for UK orders, however we do keep a record of the tracking numbers in case there is an issue with delivery.

Depending on your location in Europe, you can expect to receive your order anywhere between 1 and 5 working days from being notified that the order has been despatched. These times can vary, especially at holiday periods, such as Christmas etc.

We do NOT ship to destinations outside of mainland Europe.

We take a great deal of time and effort in the packaging of all items and whilst all items are discretely packaged we DO NOT under any circumstances take responsibility for any items that are stopped by Customs. We also do not take any responsibility for deliveries that are damaged, delayed or lost by any postal services. Please see our full 'Terms & Conditions'.

Please be assured that we take great pride in your security as well as our own.

We keep all shipping documents on file for a period of 60 days. We also take and keep photos of orders and shipping logs on record for a period of 60 days.

Minimum Order?

There is NO minimum order! You can order as much or as little as you like from us! However, some payment options do require a minimum order. Please contact us for details


We want you to be happy with your order and we do take claims extremely seriously. Please note that we will only discuss any claims if the package is pictured in its original packaging. Once you break or tamper with the seal, any and all claims will be considered null and void.

We photograph every order prior to shipping by number and keep a record for our own assurance.

Further to this all items are superbly packaged, the packaging has been designed to provide a considerable amount of heavy handling by shipping and postal agents, in the past there has been very few cases of any products being damaged, however, If your order arrives with broken seal tabs, broken vials seals, broken vials etc. - we cannot be held responsible for the mistreatment of packages by the courier. No refunds will be issued. You agree to this when ordering with us.

Contacting Us:

You are more than welcome to contact us to discuss anything to do with the site or your order, only ONE submission is necessary and we will generally answer you within 24 hours – We do ask that you please make sure that the information you require is not already stated on this page or on any other page within the website and requires personal attention. We are always diligent to answer any questions as quickly as possible, but please understand that this is a personal service and we can take slightly longer to reply to inquiries on weekends and holiday periods.

Stock Assurance

All of our stock is sourced either directly from the manufacturers themselves or their main distribution agents. We can 100% guarantee the authenticity of every product on the website.

In addition to this there are a number of products that are exclusive to Androgenix, that are not available anywhere else, but through this website.