About us

As of Feb 2018, we have taken over the Andro-genix website from the previous owners, who operated the site for a number of years until ill health caused them to become able to run the site. As a supplier to the site they approached us to see if it was something we might be interested in doing as they had built up a good reputation and, in many cases, friendships with their customers. We thought “It cant hurt to give it a go!!!”

Whats our background?

As a group, we have been one of the most successful and active players in the wholesale market for “off the shelf” high performance sports supplements for nearly 15 years. During this time we have built upon our relationship with a number of suppliers over the years and can truly state that we now work so closely with a number of these, including ON ARMOR as our “go to” brand, that you could consider us to be one of or their main distributors.

Why Get Involved with a website?

We have been considering launching our own website for a number of years as we know that a lot of the wholesale orders we sell eventually end up on websites, but didn’t really know how to go about it, to be blunt the internet and websites are not our area of expertise, so we just stayed clear. We couldn’t however ignore the prices that people were charging and decided that when we were approached by the old owner of ANDROGENIX that we had to do something about it and give a website a go, this is what we have done, the rest is down to you.

Why buy from us – not your normal website / supplier?

We’re not applying any gimmicks or shallow, false, sales promises. Our prices are cheaper because we buy in large quantities from the main distributors or the manufacturers direct. We pass these benefits onto our customers because for us, it is all about numbers, we want to sell more products, not make massive profit on a few sales every month. We are not going to use “buy one get one free” or “get a free introductory present” gimmicks to draw you in and then charge you over the top for the items that you actually want. We will start cheap and finish cheap.

Why trust us?

Good question. We really want you to give us a go and wish there was something really easy to do, that would give you 100% confidence in using us for the first time, but due to the nature of this business we cannot freely advertise or promote ourselves. For those of you out there that have been given these details because you know us, please vouch for us by liking this page. For those that do not know us, which we know is a lot of people, all you need to do is give us a little try. We promise, you will get your order quickly and it will be genuine stuff, once you get this first order (and it will be at the prices we say) you will never look back. Also – email us as any questions you might have, just remember to check your spam email as the way the email is set up usually causes our responses to go into junk, we have never done a website before and want your help in making sure we do things right. If you think there are problems with the website, or have any suggestions to make please send these to us – we are here to listen and set up the website to suit you guys. We want the site to be a success but we can only do this with your help – you help us, and we will help you making sure you get the products you want at prices you can afford.

Why don’t you have more brands?

These are the brands that we can source from reliable distributors and suppliers, where we know the products are 100% genuine and not cheap copies. We have had over the years long term working relationship with a number of brands and suppliers, but as we use all of the stuff ourselves, we know from time to time quality can fall away. We have been supplying and using the ON ARMOR brand for over 4 years now and continue to be happy with the quality of the products themselves and the professionalism of the company as a whole. This type of working relationship and confidence in a brand / supplier is critical, ensuring you have confidence in all the products that you buy from the website.

New products and exclusive products to www.andro-genix.com

We are currently waiting for a number of products that will be produced exclusively for purchase on the website and will not be available anywhere else.

Wholesale Enquiries and Bulk Buy

We can provide wholesale and bulk sales within Europe only. At this moment in time this is restricted to the ON ARMOR range of products.

Our Stock levels

We have large stock levels, as the stock we hold has to meet our wholesale requirements as well as the website.