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  • Anavar 50


    ANAVAR 50mg Tablets

    Each Tablet contains 50mg Oxandrolone
    50 Tablets

    ANAVAR is probably the most famous of all the steroids, it has always been extremely popular for the promotion of strength and quality muscle without any significant side effects at all. Milligram for milligram it displays as much as six times the anabolic activity of testosterone. It is a favourite of bodybuilders, competitive athletes in performance sports and now nearly every serious gym goer, for its for pure gains without fat or water retention. 

    It is one of those products that you will always keep going back to for proven results every time.

  • ANAVAR 10mg


    Oxandrolone Tablets

    Each Tablet contains 10mg
    100 Tablets

    Anavar is one of the most talked about products in any gym. Generally it is used to get lean and hard. Anavar is great for strength and cutting purposes, but not for bulking or a lot of weight gain. Everything you gain on Anavar will be solid. As a fat-burning compound both abdominal and visceral fat are vastly reduced. It is a must have product when you want to cut calories but want to keep hard earned muscle. Anavar will stop the body going catabolic during this period.

    Anavar 10mg is very suitable for women to use and will provide substantial gains for them, as well as help to cut away any extra fat.

    All in all a very powerful and safe product.