Cycles & Kits

  • Monster Bulking Cycle


    MONSTER Bulking Stack

    A massive "no holds barred" stack for experienced steroid users
    16 Week Course
    7 x TEST 400
    7 x TREN ENAN
    3 x NAPS 50
    2 X GHRP 6
    1 X ADEX

    This is a HUGE stack for experienced users wanting to pile on huge amounts of size. Al of the products have been chosen for their effectiveness and not for how well they are tolerated. The stack will encourage huge appetite, increase strength, power and ensures massive muscle growth. Expect HUGE growth from the very start.

    BEWARE: This is an immense stack that should only be considered by those people who have used these products before and know how potent they are!!


  • Big and Full Cycle



    Intermediate Bulking Cycle

    Each Pack Contains

    • 4 x Nandrolone Decanoate (DECA 300)
    • 4 x Testosterone Enanthate (Test Enan 300)
    • 2 x Boldenone (Equipoise 300)
    • 1 x Dianabol (D-BOL 10)
    • 1 x Arimidex

    A more advanced stack designed to pile on additional muscle mass. This is a serious bulking cycle for the intermediate/advanced user who wants to add a huge amount of muscle mass during their bulking phase of training. The cycle will encourage appetite and  increased strength and power, whilst protecting joints and ligaments that will be stressed due to lifting heavier weights. 

    It is aimed towards those with previous experience that want to increase dosages and gain SERIOUS amounts of muscle mass.

    By Purchasing this stack you save a massive £50.00

  • Beginner Bulking Stack


    Beginners Bulking Cycle #1

    12 Week Massive Gains Course

    Pack Contains:

    • 3 x 10ml Deca 300
    • 3 x 10ml Test Sus
    • 1 x D-Bol

    1 x Tub of Anastrozole (Aromatise Inhibitor)

    A very good solid cycle for the beginner, who, maybe, has not stacked steroids before, looking to put on a good amount of lean muscle mass, with the minimum risk of side effect. Strength and power gains will be noticeable from the beginning of the cycle.

    When buying any cycle, we are on hand to help and give advice

    This cycle will provide good solid muscle and bulk gains

    Buying as a Stack gives you a huge £32.00 saving

  • Post Cycle Therapy


    Post Cycle Therapy 

    Retain your Gains after completing your cycle.

    6 Week Course  

    Each Pack Contains

    2 Packs Clomid (20 tablets x 50mg)
    1 Pack Nolvadex (30 tablets x 20mg)
    1 Vial HCG

    After completing a steroid cycle, where the natural testosterone levels in the body have been affected it is essential, unless some form of testosterone is still administered after the course, to complete a solid Post Cycle Therapy Plan (PCT). 

    This course is specifically designed to provide the best opportunity for the body to kick start it's own production of testosterone in the shortest time possible ensuring a balanced return to normal testosterone levels. This should also help to ensure that the vast majority, if not all, of the gains made during the course are not lost. 

    Save £15.00 

  • Advanced / Pro


    Cycle #6

    12 Week Course

    Each Pack Contains
    6 x 10ml Testosterone Propionate
    6 x 10ml Trenbolone Acetate
    6 x 10ml Drostanalone Propionate

    3 x Packs of Anavar (180 X 50mg Tablets)

    1 Pack Arimidex

  • Hard and Lean Stack


    Let Andro-Genix take the hard work out of designing a stack 

    16 Week Hard & Lean Gain Course

    Each Pack Contains

    • 3 x Test Cyp 200
    • 3 x Equipoise 300
    • 3 x Anavar 50mg
    • 1 x Anastrozole
    A stack that will produce hard/solid lean muscle gains. This stack allows for a higher dosage to be used but with limited androgenic side effects and is perfect for those that want a hard "chiseled" physique rather than pure mass.
    Each pack is accompanied by detailed information of how to run the stack to maximise results over the 16 week course. 
  • Seriously Shredded


    Seriously Shredded Cutting Course

    Each Pack Contains

    2 x 10ml Testosterone Sustanon 250mg
    6 x 10ml Primobolan

    3 Packs of Anavar 50 (150 X 50mg Tablets )

    2 Packs of Clenbuterol

    1 Pack Arimidex

    The "Seriously Shredded" Stack is engineered on a number of "principles" and applied experience. It is a no nonsense approach to cutting up over a 12 week period. This Stack will guarantee that muscle is maintained and substantial amounts of fat are lost with the body working as efficiently as it can in terms of metabolism, digestion and fat burning. 

    A MASSIVE SAVING OF £120.00 

  • Female Lean Mass


    Coming Soon!!

    We are just working this one out for you, should be ready in the next few days.

  • Female Cutting Stack


    Coming Soon!!

    We are working on this stack for you ladies and will be providing details in the next few days

  • Bespoke Stacks


    Bespoke Personal Stack and Cycle

    A Stack and course tailored directly in line with your specific requirements

    Pack Contains:

    • All of Products discussed and agreed  
    • A 30 minute consultation prior to engineering the course
    • On going assistance throughout the course.
    • A stack and course engineered to suit your needs

    Why not try a stack and course designed just for you, matching your specific requirements. After a 30 minute consultation we will engineer a course based upon what we have discussed and agreed. All of the products are charged at a normal rate, however, you will receive our complete assistance and guidance prior to and during the course to ensure the very best possible results. 

    A Stack that puts you in complete control with total peace of mind.