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  • Arimidex


    On Armor
    Arimidex - Anastrozole Tablets 1mg/Tablet

    Each Pot Contains 50 Grade AAA+ Tablets

    An essential anti-estrogen aromatase inhibitor product to have on hand for any sensible anabolic user. Arimidex is a brilliant anti-estrogen which can be used during cycle to eliminate the effects of aromatization upon the body during steroid use. Grade AAA+ product from ONARMOR. 



    PRIMOBOLAN 100mg/ml

    10ml Vial in Box

    Primobolan, Primo as it is most often referred to, is an extremely popular and effective steroid that can be safely used by both men and women. 

    An excellent choice for first time users due to its mild nature. 

    For Women, PRIMO is an excellent product to use as it is nearly always well tolerated by females for mass building. Not to worry those ladies who do not want to pile on additional poundage, by keeping the dose moderate and controlling your diet, the amount of mass gained can easily be controlled to the desired level. 


  • Bespoke Stacks


    Bespoke Personal Stack and Cycle

    A Stack and course tailored directly in line with your specific requirements

    Pack Contains:

    • All of Products discussed and agreed  
    • A 30 minute consultation prior to engineering the course
    • On going assistance throughout the course.
    • A stack and course engineered to suit your needs

    Why not try a stack and course designed just for you, matching your specific requirements. After a 30 minute consultation we will engineer a course based upon what we have discussed and agreed. All of the products are charged at a normal rate, however, you will receive our complete assistance and guidance prior to and during the course to ensure the very best possible results. 

    A Stack that puts you in complete control with total peace of mind. 

  • Female Cutting Stack


    Coming Soon!!

    We are working on this stack for you ladies and will be providing details in the next few days

  • Female Lean Mass


    Coming Soon!!

    We are just working this one out for you, should be ready in the next few days.





    Each VIAL contains 2mg

    Hexorelin induces a substantial increase in the body's ability to release growth hormone. Hexorelin causes an increase in IGF 1, which in turn leads to substantial increases in strength, muscle mass and a very substantial fat loss. 

    Advanced Symbiotics' Hexorelin is a Grade AAA+ tested product

    PLEASE NOTE: ALL peptides come with a detailed information email from

  • ACE 031



    ACE 031 

    Each VIAL contains 1mg

    ACE 031 is a Myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin slows and reduces muscle growth. It has been proved that Ace 031 promotes faster, more robust and better growth of new muscle mass. The use of ACE 031 unlocks the protein's restriction on muscles providing them with unrestricted potential to grow bigger. 

    Research has shown that the lack of Myostatin on test subjects had Twice as much muscle as those that had normal levels of Myostatin in their system.

    All peptides come with a detailed information email from Andro-genix

  • T3 Fat Burners


    Cerberus Laboratories

    Liothyronine Sodium (T3) 

    Each Box Contains: 100 x 25mcg Tablets

    T3 is an effective fat burner and a favourite of many professional bodybuilders and physique athletes. T3 makes the body performance in dealing with food intake more efficient, better digestion a higher metabolism and in turn greater fat burning. For even more dramatic fat burning T3 should be used with Clenbuterol. 

  • Clenbuterol


    Cerberus Laboratories

    Clenbuterol HCL Tablets

    Each Box Contains: 50 x 50mcg Tablets

    Clenbuterol is a widely used product for fat burning. This particularly high dosed version (50mcg) will burn fat fast and help to reveal pure lean defined muscle. 





    Each VIAL contains 10mg

    Melanotan II is a tanning peptide, that will ensure that perfect "All Over" tan. It works by increasing the body's Melanin production, reducing UV damage to the skin by darkening or tanning. An extremely brilliant product and essential for those who want that all year round tan without excessive use of sunbeds. Many men also report a significant increase in the size and performance of erections.

    MELANOTAN II comes with a detailed instruction email from Andro-genix

  • PT 141 (Bremelanotide)



    PT 141 (Bremolanotide)    

    Each VIAL contains 10mg

    PT 141 (Bremelanotide) is a peptide that significantly improves sexual disfunction in both men and women. It is a synthetic development of Melanotan II. PT 141 has displayed in a substantial amount of research studies to be a potent stimulator of sexual libido particularly in women.

    ALL Peptides come with detailed instructions from Andro-genix




    IPAMORELIN    5mg   

    Each VIAL contains 5mg

    IPAMORELIN is one of the latest generation of GHRP peptides causing massive release of growth hormone into the body. It is very similar to GHRP 2 and GHRP 6. 

    All Peptide Purchases receive a highly detailed and full instruction email from Andro-genix